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14 Survey Results that
Marketers Cannot Afford
to Miss

If you want to stay on top of your marketing game, you need to exactly know what’s on your customer’s mind.

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Who should read this?

1) Marketing professionals

2) Brand Consultants and data analysts

3) Startup founders trying to get initial traction

4) Students trying to build products

5) Anyone interested in consumer behavior & market sentiments

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About the Author:

Jaison loves storytelling and humanising digital communications. He believes in the power of breaking down long term goals into short term actionable steps. A seasoned digital marketer who was one of Linkedin's Top Voices 2021. He is also an IIM Calcutta Alumni.


He is followed by 20,000+ people across social media. He has worked with billion-dollar startups and corporates including Coinswitch Kuber, Dunkin Donuts, Dormakaba etc.

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